27. Jan, 2018

Co-founder Chris Peters decided to withdraw as Board member of ReHErp Foundation.

'Dear friends,
After long deliberation I have decided to withdraw as a Board member of the ReHerp Foundation. This was not an easy decision.
From the beginning, I was closely involved in establishing the ReHerp Foundation, together with Henk Zwartepoorte, Ton Dorresteijn, Willem Schaftenaar and many others. As co-founder I, together with our Henk, signed the notarial deed at the notary that gave the ReHerp Foundation the right to exist.
Establishing ReHerp, together with former colleagues and reptile and amphibian enthousiasts, was a very inspiring period. A great location was found and an excellent collaboration was established with Serpo. It was all very promising.
As everybody surely knows, our highly appreciated Henk suddenly passing away was a great blow to all involved. Nevertheless, we managed to continue together and proceed to build the ReHerp Foundation. A fantastic achievement I think.
My move to Northern Limburg and my decreased mobility and physical ability have unfortunately greatly decreased the involvement I could manage to give. It was, for instance, no longer possible to have meetings at my place. I find that really unfortunate because I want to give 100% effort. But with that being impossible, I have decided to make my position as secretary available.

Of course I would like to stay abreast of developments, but no longer as an active Board member.
I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful cooperation and I hope the ReHerp Foundation has a bright future ahead of it.
With kind regards
Chris Peters.   '