9. Sep, 2017

First Mauremys annamensis born at ReHerp!

'My day taking care of the animals started really well when I was called over to the incubator.As it happened, a Vietnamese pond turtle (Mauremys annamensis) was starting to hatch from one of the eggs. The first turtle born at our breeding facility!

I left the animal to work itself out of the shell in peace throughout the day. As a healthy hatchling should, it needed no human support. That way I had all the time I needed to prepare an enclosure: a mouse cage was placed in one of the empty tanks, as a whole tank for such a tiny animal seemed to me a little overdone.
When the animal had hatched completely, I could see that the yolk sac had been almost completely resorbed and the plastron was almost closed. Exactly as nature intended. The little turtle was immediately included in the weighing cycle and weighed in at a healthy 9.0 grams!

The pictures tell the story. The pieces of substrate that were still stuck to his plastron washed off once he started to swim around in his enclosure.'

 John Boonman