18. Dec, 2016

Egyptian tortoises for ReHerp

After the loss of our initiator and chairman Henk Zwartepoorte, the motivated ReHerp-ers have picked themselves up and the Foundation ReHerp continues.

One example of this is the completion of a promise that was made to Henk by Mr Denis Mosimann from Switzerland. He had promised to donate his 9 Testudo kleinmanni turtles to ReHerp to strengthen the "assurance colony" with his already mature Egyptian tortoises. ReHerp now has the opportunity to start a breeding program.

The transport was carried out on December 13th by the company Ekipa. Here is the report by John twho took charge of the turtles early on December 14th.

• Early in the morning the nine kleinmanni's were delivered, neatly packaged and well cared for.

• It is "set" of three males and females who have been kept as pairs for sometime. There are three single males. They are all adults (much bigger than the ones we already have) so in theory we can “start” immediately.

• To give them time to acclimatize, I have put the pairs together. The three males are (permanently) separated, two in one bin and the third on his own.

• Animal bathed and weighed. Some have started eating immediately (not all).