Chris Peters

- Co-founder and former secretary of ReHerp Foundation

- Former educational employe of Rotterdam Zoo

- Former chairman “De Harpij” foundation

- Former president “International Zoo Educators”

- Has been involved with educational commitees of the Dutch Zoo Society (NVD), the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) and the World Association of Zoos and  Aquaria (WAZA).



Wild fauna and flora are globally are under severe pressure. Endangered reptile and amphibian species require conservation and recovery measures.

That is exactly what ReHerp is aiming for. I will use my long term Rotterdam Zoo experience and together with the passioned ReHerp team we will achieve our goals.

Ton Dorresteyn

- until 2009 Director of Rotterdam Zoo


'Some initiatives can only be supported completely.

For me ReHerp is in that catagory'

Willem Schaftenaar

- until 2014 head of the veterinary department of the Rotterdam Zoo

- Since 2014 advisor of the Rotterdam Zoo and veterinary advisor of the EAZA studbook-breeding program for the Komodo dragon

John Boonman

- Information specialist

- former secretary of Lacerta and former chairman of the Dutch Iguana Specialist Group

Harrie Hensgens

(Info will be updated soon)

Jaime Garcia Moreno

- independent advisor ESiLi Consultancy as an amphibian specialist.