ReHerp Foundation aim: conservation and recovery of threatened herpetofauna.



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Not just in writing but in practical projects and clear results.

The founder Henk Zwartepoorte († 2016)
about ReHerp Foudation.

The ReHerp board and advisory committee has a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience by long-term existing networks. The commitment within the team has been translated into a mutual ambition within the past few years. The ReHerp team sees it as her ambition to turn this ambition into practice.

The foundation seeks to achieve its goal by:

A. Co operation  to and initiation of measures leading to better protection of the target species.

B. Co operation to and initiation of measures that can lead to establishment and maintain reserves and national parks for the target species.

C. Co operation to and initiation of measures that could lead to improvement of knowledge and larger nature and environmental awareness within the in situ range of the target species.

D. Breeding and repatriation programs of the target species benefiting conservation and recovery of the species and its habitat.

The ReHerp Foundation is LOOKING FOR FUNDS

Financial needs to complete the ReHerp-facility:

2 Heating Pumps: costs about 10.000,00 Euro; but thanks to an investment subsidy to be more environmental friendly we can cash back 2.500,00 Euro per heating pump!

2 Incubators: costs about 1.000,00 Euro.

20 Timer clocks: costs about 500,00 Euro.

1 UV Meter: about 350,00 Euro.

When you are enthusiastic about ReHerp and able to effort, please donate!

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or directly on the ReHerp bank account NL04 TRIO 0391 0246 20. Swift/BIc code TRIONL2U

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